Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Old Lady Rebellion

On the topic of old ladies and fashion...through my own market research for van Eysden I've found that on a scale from church to fur, the variety of fashion on offer for those with more 'advanced style' is relatively limited. The notion of edgy, futuristic fashion is often pigeonholed to a younger demographic...fair enough comfort becomes a major factor as you shop when you get older, however there are plenty of decadent old bitches out there who can appreciate edgy design.
My collection is 8months away from release...but in the meantime, for any grannies, DINKs, grey nomads and baby boomers out there hollaring for something a little more than crochet and pastel knits, I've discovered Old Lady Rebellion, a line of fashion for the older woman who can still appreciate edgy design. It is a huge hit in Europe with plans to expand to the States. And for Australia...watch this space.

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