Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Art of Style : RaraCurio presents a conversation with Tziporah Salamon

I have posted on Tziporah Salamon before, who is the most fabulous, decadent bitch I have met or personally seen in my life. Last winter when I was in NYC, she invited RaraCurio up to her quaint Upper West apartment to talk to us about the essence and charms of style. It was probably the most inspiring hour of my life...she was so warm and accomodating and easy to talk to, and as you can see from the footage her apartment is decorated in the most eclectic mix of treasures collected over 20 years that she has been there. 

The conversation was on the topic of fashion and modern day beauty, Tziporah raised some very interesting points and certainly inspired a refreshing perspective on the essence of personal style and manner. Enjoy!

Tziporah Salamon has been involved with many facets of fashion and image, and currently extends her advise and wisdom on beauty and style through her sartorial autobiographic performance piece, The Fabric of My Life.

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