Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sweetie, sweetie darling...are we....are we poor?

Hello fellow readers, followers and stumble-uponers.

I would like to take the time to explain a couple of things about this blog.
Firstly, I thank you very kindly for taking the time and interest to read the content - I am both amazed and astounded by how many others adore fabulous bitches. I also apoloise for the lack of content over the last couple of months.

Truth be told, I actually set up this blog as an educational resource and a canvas for my market research. I am a final year fashion student in Brisbane, Australia preparing my graduate collection. My target market is decadent old bitches and I created this blog as a scrapbook to store all the information I could gather of various icons I perceive to be my potential customer. I really enjoy researching and writing about various women - it has been more fun than educational, and for it to become of inspiration to others as well is really quite flattering. I'm glad we can all unite in this love. I have enjoyed reading your comments and learning more myself from your opinions. Being a decadent bitch isn't just about being rich - I entirely agree. It is more about how rich you lead your life.

So to explain my absence, if you care. Maybe you don't. But this seems to be a pretty engaging platform so I am going to take a crack anyway. I'm a fucking broke fashion student with a collection debuting in December for decadent old bitches. Standard. It is called The Road to Entepful...I came up with the concept for my collection while spending time in New York last winter, and read a book called The Book of Disquiet by Frenando Pessoa. The Road to Entepful is a perception of the 'apocolypse' and the future of society. Through exploration of form and process, the collection will evoke themes of space, time and identity through design. The collection is entirely in silk - dupions, duchesses, jacquards, sandwashed twills, satins and habotai. Most sillhouettes are quite classical, and very fitting to the body but with a more mature frame in mind. Some of the design features, such as panelling and pocket detailing is inspired by Japanese patterning techniques based on geometric forms, while other design aspects include pleating and structure.

These are 2 designs from the collection: the Estonia jackette and skirt, and the Ophelia dress. I've given each garment a ridiculously decadent name. Eh.

Point being, if you or your mum, grandma, aunt, great aunt, godmother etc are interested in anything...let me know. I may be broke but it doesn't compromise my dignity. But you know....I am pulling straws a little.

Anyway, I promise to keep the posts coming. I am definately in the mood for indulging in someone's fabulous life....



  1. Can a 35 year old be a decadent old bitch? Would be very interested in seeing the rest of your work.

  2. I love how you carefully matched all the plaid lines. Did it take long?

  3. hello,
    I am newly following you,
    thanks to your isabella blow post (!)
    and am wondering whether you know of this blog:
    it has some pretty snazzy, good-attituded folks.

  4. Ah thanks for your comments! I release the collection on the 29th of October. I will keep you all posted :) The rest of collection includes pleating, drapery and panelling in dupions, satins, duchess silks and silk twills.

    I like to think, despite my current state of affairs, I am a decadent bitch and I'm only 20. But my target market is actually 35-50!

    And yes! I love Ari's blog!

  5. I love you and I am your target audience. I've decided that I shouldn't wait till forty to be fabulust. My new years resolution is to dress bitchtastically.

    So Saucy

    1. Hi there, just wanted to say thanks Countess Fifi! Have spent the last year managing a fabric store and acquiring a horde of delicious things until I complete my degree. Originally I just started planting my thoughts here to gather inspiration for my market...but I will filter through design ideas as they come. In the the year dies down I hope to pick up posting more. So much to say! Anna Piaggi, Ab Fab at the Olympics...what a year.
      Thanks again x

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